Maine CITE

The Maine Department of Education’s Maine CITE Program
helps make Assistive Technologies (AT) available to the Maine children,
adults and seniors who need them.

What is Assistive Technology (AT)

Assistive Technology (AT) is any device, piece of equipment or product that makes it easier for someone with a disability to live more independently and safely, work at a job, learn in school, get about their community or pursue play and leisure.


ADA 26th Anniversary

The following message was sent by Senator Tom Harkins: In the past 26 years, America has taken many steps forward in transforming the experiences of people with disabilities. While the ADA’s enactment sent a message that we would no longer put up with second-class citizenship for Americans with disabilities, there continues to be room for… Read more ADA 26th Anniversary

Cents and Sensibility New Website

Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation’s (PATF), Cents and Sensibility New Website PATF is proud to announce their new Cents and Sensibility website at centsandsensibility.us  This website is designed for people living with disability to understand how to manage money and was created through a partnership with Vanguard to make financial information accessible to more people. Website topics… Read more Cents and Sensibility New Website