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Over the years Maine CITE has offered a number of training workshops on Accessible Web Design (AWD) and we built this site as a support to those events. But the materials have become rather popular so we've kept them here and invite you to feel free to poke around and use what you find. Please also check out the jebswebs blog for more current information about this topic.

There's lots of stuff here and we are always looking to add new things. Please feel free to contact John Brandt with ideas and suggestions.

Interesting Stuff

Below are some articles and resources discovered over the past few years related to AWD that are some of the better resources:

Web Accessibility: Tools and Considerations

Nice recent article by Shaumik Daityai summarizing the "whys" and "whatnots" of Accessible Web Design. Easy to read and full of great screen shots. Check out Web Accessibility: Tools and Considerations...

Accessible Content Management Systems

Since the majority of websites are now "powered" by content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, we have added a new section of resources on the topic of accessibility. View the resources on accessibility and content management systems...

The 6 Simplest Web Accessibility Tests Anyone Can Do

Blog posting by web accessibility consultant Karl Groves seeks to answer the question: "How does my website perform for people with people with disabilities?" Read what Karl Groves has to say about six accessibility tests that anyone can do without any web development knowledge.

Website accessibility testing: automated testing vs. human evaluation

A research paper that investigates the use of evaluation tools has shown the importance of using a mixture of testing methodologies in order to accurately assess the accessibility of a website. Such methods include the use of automated testing, manual expert evaluation and user testing. Access iQ™ spoke to co-author of the research paper and director of Web Key IT, Vivienne Conway, about the research findings. Read "Website accessibility testing: automated testing vs. human evaluation..."

24 ways to impress your friends

If you really have a lot of time on your hands, you want to head over to the 24 ways to impress your friends website and see all of the neat things people are doing with web design elements using CSS, AJAX and JavaScript. It will make your head spin.


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General Web Design Resources

See also the Links to Accessible Web and Universal Design found here on the Maine CITE web.

Content Management Systems

Listservs and Groups

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Web Resources

Below we have provided a set of websites that provide a full range of free instructional content on web design and related topics. Exploring these sites is a great way to extend the content of this curriculum, particularly for advanced students. Many of these sites are additionally linked throughout the curriculum produced for the AccessIT Web Design and Development Course.


CSS Resources

Technical Specifications

Usability and Accessibility


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last updated: March 24, 2015
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