Web Accessibility Tip of the Month

Web Accessibility - Tip of the MonthOffered as a service from the WebAIM website, Maine CITE provides the following “tip” on how to make your website more accessible to all people.

Link Type Indicators

While not required by accessibility guidelines, it is a good idea to inform users when a link goes to non-HTML content (such as a PDF file or Word document). It can be frustrating to activate a link and then realize that the link requires an external program or viewer. An icon (e.g., PDF - plugin required – with appropriate alternative text) or text, such as “(PDF)”, is sufficient. It is vital that the link type indicator icon or text be placed within the link, otherwise this information is readily available to sighted users, but not presented as part of the link for screen reader users.

Because this continues to be a popular topic, we’ve held over the Web Accessibility Tip of the Month from May:

ARIA Authoring Practices

While ARIA holds great potential for improving accessibility, the reality is that current ARIA implementation most often makes accessibility worse due to misuse, overuse, and abuse. The ARIA Authoring Practices document provides detailed, yet understandable, documentation and examples on the proper usage of ARIA for modern web content. When implementing ARIA, but sure to check the Design Patterns to ensure you’re doing so correctly.

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Updated: 07/01/2017