New Important Resource Available from PEAT

Partnership on Employment and Accessible TechnologyAs you may know, the Department of Justice has taken the position that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) covers Internet website access, mobile applications, and other forms of IT. As of May 2016, DOJ has entered into 167 settlement agreements addressing how the ADA applies to the accessibility of websites and other information and communications technologies (ICT). But job seekers and employees with disabilities continue to face barriers to using accessible workplace technology—undoubtedly in part due to the absence of clear language that specifies the responsibility of employers (and other covered entities, such as state and local governmental entities and public accommodations) to provide it.

In response, PEAT has developed a new plain language resource titled How is the Department of Justice Addressing Website and ICT Accessibility? This resource summarizes the key areas of these settlement agreements for employers and other covered entities, helping them to understand their responsibilities as well as tangible steps for how to proactively comply with existing rules and guidance. While DOJ settlements only apply to the parties involved, they do offer insights into potential actions that DOJ might exact in similar situations.

Here is the link to How is the Department of Justice Addressing Website and ICT Accessibility?