Accessible Technology Webinar Series

From the Great Lakes ADA Center…

Online Video Accessibility

Thursday September 20, 2018 at 2:00 – 3:30 pm ET.
with Terrill Thompson, Technology Accessibility Specialist at the University of Washington.

Program Description

Closed Captioning logoFor video to be fully accessible, its audio content must be accessible to people who are unable to hear (solution: captions), its visual content must be accessible to people who are unable to see (solution: audio description), and both audio and visual content must be accessible to people who are deaf/blind or unable to access the video for technical reasons (solution: transcript). The video must also be provided in a media player that is fully accessible to people using keyboard alone or assistive technologies. This webinar will explore each of these issues and their solutions in depth, including tools, services, and strategies for addressing video accessibility needs throughout large organizations, with a particularly focus on video accessibility in higher education.

About the presenter

Terrill Thompson is technology accessibility specialist at the University of Washington. In this role, he works collaboratively with key stakeholders throughout the institution and around the world to promote and improve IT accessibility. His work is supported in part by AccessComputing, a project funded by the National Science Foundation to increase the participation of people with disabilities in computing fields. Terrill has over twenty years of experience in the IT accessibility field, and has presented at numerous conferences and consulted widely with government, private industry, and education entities on IT accessibility issues.

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