Technology Supporting Job Success Using Assistive technology

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Technology Supporting Job Success Using Assistive technology for Independence and Self-sufficiency in the Workplace

January 10, 2019

10:00 – 11:00 a.m.


Employment for ME - Workforce Development System logoIndividuals experiencing disability are using low and high tech assistive technology and smart home devices to support their own needs as well the ability to control and access the work environment. Employment Specialists are interfacing with technology to assist someone to be as centered, independent, communicative, and productive as possible while at work, or getting to and from work as well as market potential employees to businesses. Join us to learn ways to: Operate the work environment using smart home technology and easy switch interfaces with smartphones and tablets. Use handheld technology, apps, and features to cue and support someone to move through their work routine, assist someone to be on time, provide a method for employees to self monitor and access methods to stay at their best while at work. Adopt goals, track their progress, and communicate and see their coach or team remotely. Use video career portfolios and other techniques to show potential employers who job seekers are and what they can do.

Participants will earn 1 hour of continuing education after completing an online evaluation following the webinar. After completing the webinar you will receive a link to the session evaluation. Once you complete the evaluation, a certification of participation will be emailed to you.


Marsha Threlkeld  is a consultant and trainer working in School-to-Work, Employment First, person Centered Career Planning, and Assistive Technology to include handheld devices and Smart Environments. Marsha has worked on behalf of School-to-Work for the last 25 years and designed and implemented School-to-Work Projects in several states. She facilitates Technology Learning Cohorts for employment and residential providers, educators, and government. Marsha has worked to develop Person Centered Career planning facilitator training materials and run facilitator training boot camps. She has created materials for teachers and others to include: Every Person and Everyday Technology, Person Centered Career Planning, Student Driven Career Planning, Envision Your Future, and See Yourself Working. Marsha worked with the Washington Initiative for Supported Employment (WISE) for 18 years before moving to her own consulting business: Pivotal Consulting & Training LLC. She is a Subject Matter Expert for Employment First Projects through US Department of Labor, Office of Disability Employment Policy, focusing on School-to-Work and Assistive Technology.


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