About Maine CITE

The Maine Department of Education’s Maine CITE Program is designed to help make assistive technology more available to Maine children, adults and seniors who need them.

Administered by the Maine Department of Education and funded by the federal Administration for Community Living.

Maine CITE delivers services through the Maine CITE Coordinating Center as well as numerous private and public organizations that provide information about:


Maine CITE is committed to helping Maine citizens with disabilities increase access to and acquisition of AT when needed to participate in Education, Community Living, Employment and Information Technology/Telecommunications.

  • Broaden understanding and promote wider availability of assistive and universally-designed technology.
  • Educate people with disabilities, their families, and the general public to know how to get and use assistive and universally-designed technology.
  • Facilitate the role of people with disabilities in helping to shape public policy that promotes assistive and universally-designed technology.
  • Ensure that Maine is a place where all people with disabilities have ready access to the technology they need to live full, independent and productive lives.

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