Device Loan

Visit to view the statewide inventory. If you find a device or tool to suit your needs, simply create an account and make the request through AT4Maine.  Maine CITE or one of our partners will reach out to finalize your request. 

  • Device Loan FAQ
  • AT4MAINE How-to
  • Loan process step-by-step
  • Pick-up or mail
  • Is there a cost?
  • What if I need the device a little longer?
  • The device/tool really works for me! How do I get one?
  • Who is eligible to use the program?

In order to decide if an AT device or tool will truly meet your needs, you may need to take some time to try it out in your own work or home setting. For this, Maine CITE offers 30-day device loans. Mainers can borrow devices to help make a decision, serve as a loaner during repairs to their own device, or to help during a temporary situation.