Maine’s AT “Lemon Law”

Title 10 MRSA Section 1500-1500F

What is covered?

Maine State CapitolAny adaptive equipment or assistive device bought after September 18, 1997 and used by a person with a disability. If you are using the device in a different way than it is normally used, or if the person who sold to you did not know that you would be using it to help with your disability, then this new law may not help you.

How long can I try out a new piece of equipment?

The new law says that a device may be taken back within thirty days if the device does not do what you need it to do to help you.

What if the device needs to be fixed?

The new law gives you a one-year warranty period. If the device needs to be fixed within the first year, the company that made the device must fix it at no charge. If you broke or changed the device or equipment then this new law will not help you.

Can I get a loaner while my device is being fixed?

A loaner must be given to you as soon as practical while your device is being fixed.

What happens if my device or equipment is always breaking down and no one seems to be able to fix it?

You can take your device or equipment back to the place where you bought it if: You have not been able to use your device or equipment for thirty days since you bought it. These days don’t have to be altogether. They can happen at any time, but when you add them up, they equal thirty or more days.


You have tried to get it fixed three or more times during the year and no one can fix it.

If I want a refund, do I get the money back?

Yes, if you used your money to buy the equipment or device. If the device or equipment was bought by somebody else, the money goes back to the person, agency, or insurance company that got it for you. If you want you can get another device that works better for you.

Where can I get more information?

Disability Rights Maine
P.O. Box 2007
Augusta, Maine 04338-2007
1-800-452-1948 (v/tty)

Alpha One
South Portland Office
127 Main Street
South Portland, ME 04106

(207) 767-2189 – Voice
(800) 640-7200 – Voice
(207) 799-8346 – Fax
(207) 767-5387 – TTY
(866) 906-5375 – TTY
(207) 767-7386 – Finance Fax

Alpha One
Bangor Office
11 Bangor Mall Blvd., Unit A
Bangor, ME 04401

(207) 941-6553 – Voice
(877) 229-8954 – TTY
(207) 941-6410 – Fax

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Lemon Law for AT Devices



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