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AbleLink Technologies
A commercial vendor whose mission and focus is on the research and development of effective technology solutions for individuals with cognitive and intellectual disabilities.

Adaptech Research Network
The Adaptech Research Network consists of a team of academics, students and consumers. Adaptech conducts research on the use of computer, information, and adaptive technologies by Canadian college and university students with disabilities.

Center for Assistive Technology – University of Buffalo
The Center for Assistive Technology conducts research, education and service to increase knowledge about assistive devices for persons with disabilities. The Center works in four related areas: research and development of assistive devices for education, employment, leisure, and daily living; education for students, professionals, and consumers; assistive device service provision, and; dissemination of information about Assistive Technology.

Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access (CATEA)
CATEA is a multidisciplinary engineering and design research center dedicated to enhancing the health, activity and participation of people with functional limitations through the application of assistive and universally designed technologies in real world environments, products and devices.

Inclusive Design Research Center (IDRC)
The IDRC formerly known as the Adaptive Technology Resource Centre moved to OCAD University in Toronto is a research and development centre at OCAD University where an international community of open source developers, designers, researchers, advocates, and volunteers work together to ensure that emerging information technology and practices are designed inclusively.

Inclusive Preparedness Center (IPC)
The Inclusive Preparedness Center focuses on ensuring all individuals are included in planning for and protection from both natural and man-made disasters.

Institute on Disabilities at Temple University
The Institute on Disabilities at Temple University is one of the sixty-seven University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research and Service funded by the Administration on Developmental Disabilities, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

International Center for Disability Resources – ICDRI
ICDRI’s overarching vision is the equalization of opportunities for persons with disabilities. As an internationally recognized public policy center organized by and for people with disabilities, ICDRI seeks to increase opportunities for people with disabilities by identifying barriers to participation in society and promoting best practices and universal design for the global community. ICDRI’s mission includes the collection of a knowledge base of quality disability resources and best practices and to provide education, outreach and training based on these core resources. ICDRI makes this information available in an accessible format through our web site at whenever possible.

Job Accommodation Network (JAN)
A service of the U.S. Department of Labor’s President’s Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities, JAN provides information about job accommodation and the employability of people with functional limitations. Publishes quarterly reports on number of cases handled by state, types of businesses and organizations requesting information, and ADA-related concerns, among many other outcome data statistics.

National Assistive Technology Research Institute (NATRI)
NATRI conducts assistive technology (AT) research, translates theory and research into AT practice, and provides resources for improving the delivery of AT services.

National Center for Technology Innovation (NCTI)
The National Center for Technology Innovation (NCTI) advances learning opportunities for individuals with disabilities by fostering technology innovation. Specifically, we help researchers, product developers, manufacturers and publishers to create and commercialize products of value to students with special needs.

National Rehabilitation Information Center (NARIC)
NARIC is a library and information center on disability and rehabilitation. More than 50,000 National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR)-funded, other federal agencies, and private disability-related publications are held and abstracted by NARIC in their REHABDATA database, searchable online.

Special Education Technology Practice (SETP)
Journal published by Knowledge By Design, Inc. which includes news, information and research developments in assistive and instructional technology.

Trace Research and Development Center
Trace is a research center at the University of Wisconsin – Madison which focuses on making off the shelf technologies and systems like computers, the Internet, and information kiosks more accessible for everyone through the process known as universal, or accessible design.

WebAIM (Web Accessibility In Mind) has provided comprehensive web accessibility solutions since 1999. These years of experience have made WebAIM one of the leading providers of web accessibility expertise internationally. WebAIM is a non-profit organization based at the Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University.

WGBH – Boston
National Center for Accessible Media
The CPB/WGBH National Center for Accessible Media (NCAM) is a research and development facility that works to make media accessible to underserved populations such as disabled persons, minority-language users, and people with low literacy skills.

Wireless RERC
To promote universal access to mobile wireless technologies and explore their innovative applications in addressing the needs of people with disabilities.



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