Fall Conference 2019

Trends and Innovations in Assistive Technology (for Special Education)

We all wish we could “keep up” with the constant changes in the “everyday” technologies in our lives. Keeping current with innovations in Assistive Technology (AT) designed or intended for students with disabilities – can be particularly challenging. In this session we discuss some trends and new types of AT including “everyday” technologies that can impact the functional skills of students. AT for transition will also be shared. Resources for how to review new technology will also be shared.


Kathy Adams, OTL, ATP – Maine CITE Program Director
John E. Brandt, MS.Ed. – Maine CITE Training and Operations Coordinator

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Fall Conference 2018

Free and Inexpensive Resources for Accessible Educational Materials

Recent research data from two national vendors of free and inexpensive Accessible Educational Material (AEM) reveal Maine schools are clearly underutilizing these services for their students with Print Disabilities. In this presentation we will review these findings, discuss the resources and offer ideas on how directors and their IEP Teams can improve their services to students with Print Disabilities.

Presenter: John Brandt, M.S.Ed.

Here are links to download Speaker’s Notes from John Brandt’s presentation at the November 1, 2018 MADSEC Fall Conference:

Fall Conference 2016

Here are links to the Speaker’s Notes from John Brandt’s presentation at the November 3, 2016 Fall MADSEC Conference: