The Maine CITE Program focuses on the goals of improving access to and the acquisition of AT in Education, Employment, Community Living, and Information Technology. We offer a variety of services to meet your assistive technology needs. Our services are available to Mainers of all ages and all abilities. At Maine CITE we know living with a disability can be challenging. We make every effort to make our service delivery as user friendly as possible. 


It is hard to find tools that are just right for specific needs. Maine CITE offers hands-on exploration of the tools in our inventory. Maine CITE staff can provide a guided demonstration, providing users with the opportunity to trial different options and get answers to their questions.

To schedule a demonstration, call 207-621-3195 or email Our AT Partners (link to Partner page) also offer device demonstrations at their locations to enable individuals to make an informed choice about what AT is best for them. To view the AT inventory available in Maine, visit 

Device Access


In order to decide if an AT device or tool will truly meet your needs, you may need to take some time to try it out in your own work or home setting. For this, Maine CITE offers 30-day device loans. Mainers can borrow devices to help make a decision, serve as a loaner during repairs to their own device, or to help during a temporary situation. Learn more about Device Loans.

Borrow a Device


Equipment Reuse programs are places where you may buy, sell or donate gently used AT devices.

The State AT Device Reuse program gives consumers the opportunity to give back by donating gently used assistive devices/tools. Donated equipment is cleaned and refurbished and made available to other Mainers at a reduced or no cost.

If you would like find out what is available, or make a donation, please contact Maine CITE’s Reuse partner program, Spurwink ALLTECH.

a boy using a wheelchair and microphone to input commands to a computer
a grown man using a touchscreen and a microphone to input commands to a computer

Training and Webinars

Training is an integral part of Maine CITE’s mission. Training activities range from a face-to-face conference and smaller group presentations to on-line training webinars. 

  • To request a training or discuss your needs, please contact us.
  • If you need an in-depth demonstration of AT presented during a training or webinar, please contact us to arrange for a personal demonstration.

Maine CITE provides webinars and in-person training on topics including AT, digital accessibility, accessible education materials, and resources for Mainers. (link to Webinar page)

Information and Referral

Maine CITE is here to help Mainers on their AT journey. If you have questions about available options, funding, or other AT topics, Maine CITE is available to answer your questions and connect you to available resources.