AT Devices for All Bodies

Program Description

Recorded: December 13, 2022 – This webinar will cover mobility equipment and AT (assistive technology) devices that are used by people whose bodies do not fall in the average range for height or weight. Many environments do not accommodate all people, and some of us rely on technology to achieve independence on a daily basis, or to rehabilitate after illness or injury.

We will look at “bariatric” AT for those who are seriously overweight, devices and accommodations for Little People, and modifications and gadgets that work for people who are very tall. Consideration will be given to the user’s or their caregiver’s safety, and some ideas for resources.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about some health and safety concerns and environmental barriers for people who are either very overweight, of very short stature, or who are unusually tall.
  • Become familiar with AT devices and modifications for all body types that increase independence and safety.


Melissa Bliss, MS OTR/L – Melissa is an occupational therapist and assistive technology specialist at Maine CITE, the state assistive technology program in Maine. She has worked in a wide variety of educational and clinical settings as an OT, including home health, nursing homes, early intervention, schools, acute care, rehab, and as a program coordinator for an AT lending library and reuse program in Portland.


Resources discussed in webinar:
AT Devices for All Bodies PowerPoint – PDF

Rev: 12/15/2022