Webinar: AT to Support Successful Employment in the Workplace

This was a special event for Vocational Rehabilitation counselors in Maine

Program Description

Person at desk using keyboardRecorded January 19, 2017 – Employees with disabilities include highly trained individuals, seasoned professionals, and skilled veterans who have equal or higher job performance ratings, higher employment retention rates, and lower absenteeism than those without disabilities. Talented people with disabilities want to work but they often face obstacles in the workplace.  Assistive Technology supports individuals with disabilities to be able to efficiently and equally access the workplace and accomplish tasks that may be difficult or impossible due to their disability. Assistive Technology also supports individuals who acquire an injury or are naturally aging and losing abilities over time, sensory and/or physical.

In this webinar you will learn about various assistive technologies to help individuals with disabilities in the workplace environment and gain awareness of the innovative AT that exists to support individuals with disabilities to consider employment in a field or position that they may not otherwise feel qualified or capable of fulfilling, as well as technologies to support their current position and access to workplace tasks or requirements. Support for various disabilities will be presented including Cognitive (Dyslexia, LD, PTSD, TBI, Executive Function), Blind, Low Vision, and Deaf / Hard of Hearing.

It is important for individuals with disabilities to feel confident and independent in the workplace and to know about the AT that can support productivity and efficiency while equally accessing workplace documents, emails, meetings, etc.  It is critical that employers, HR personnel, Vocational Rehabilitation counselors and family members be aware of how assistive technology can support individuals with disabilities in the workplace, including low cost options for mobile devices and technologies that the individuals may already have access to on a daily basis.


Diana Petschauer, M.Ed., ATP is a RESNA certified Assistive Technology Professional & founder of AT for Education, ATforED.com, and Access4Employment. Diana has over 20 years of experience in Special Education & Assistive Technology, PreK-12, Post-secondary & adult services. She presents nationally & internationally including at conferences such as FETC, ATCNE, Closing the Gap, CSUN, ACTEM, ATIA & ARATA. Diana is a faculty trainer for the Center on Technology and Disability as well as ATinNH at the UNH Institute on Disability. Diana manages her multi-disciplinary team of consultants who provide AT & AAC evaluations, training, consultation & accessibility services for students and adults to access education, the workplace & community. Consultation and services regarding website testing/audits, 508 compliance and accessible design is also provided.


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