Webinar: Automating Independence: Make your Smart Home Smarter!

Program Description

Smart home technologyIn this follow-up to last year’s webinar Smart Homes as Assistive Technology 101, Ben Jacobs returns with more information about the use of Smart Home technology as a way of improving the lives of people with disabilities.

Recorded: November 19, 2020 – Smart Home technology has made living independently easier for many people over the past few years. Being able to control your environment through smart speakers and smart phones has uncovered a new world of independence for so many people. However, through the use of sensors, button, schedules, and other smart home integrations we can make it even easier, almost to the point that your environment anticipates your needs as opposed to having to ask it to adjust all of the time. Join Ben Jacobs , Founder and CEO of RebelTech Consulting, as he shares information about how to set up various automations for existing smart home technologies to unlock the true power of the smart home.


Ben Jacobs is an expert in smart home technology, assistive technology solutions, and other emerging technologies. Ben is a retired USAF Staff Sergeant who served as a Technology Controller. Upon retirement, Ben joined Georgia’s Assistive Technology Team, Tools for Life, at Georgia Tech as their Accommodations Specialist. There he trained his teammates and advised the public on emerging and commercially available technologies that could be leveraged by people with disabilities to be more independent. Ben now owns his own business, RebelTech Consulting, where he provides organizations and individuals with training, installation, customization, and continued support on available and upcoming technological solutions.


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