Webinar: Maine’s Telecommunications Equipment Loan Program

NOTE: Recently, the Maine Center on Deafness closed its doors. The Maine Telecommunications Equipment Program (TEP) is currently being administered by Disability Rights Maine. More information may be found at this link…

Recorded: April 16, 2014 – Sample of TEP EquipmentThis webinar explores the Maine Telecommunications Equipment Program (TEP) at the Maine Center on Deafness (MCD) Disability Rights Maine.

Justin Gifford, the TEP Specialist, discusses the many varieties of adaptive telephone technology that are available to Maine residents who cannot use a conventional telephone due to physical or cognitive disability, hearing loss or aging. The TEP has a large inventory of adapted telephone equipment and staff work with each individual to determine what device is best to meet their needs.

During this webinar detailed information is provided about the many devices available through the TEP, as well as the referral and application process.


Justin Gifford, Outreach Coordinator & TEP Specialist at Disability Rights Maine.