Webinar: Remote Support Technology – AT to Support Living at Home

Smart HomeRecorded: March 23, 2016 – Recent advances in the “smart home” technology and “remote support” technology and services have increased the ability for people with disabilities and seniors to live independently in their home communities.

In this first of a series of webinars on the use of “smart home” technology as assistive technology (AT), this webinar discusses the specific use of “remote support” technology, funding options and a demonstration on how the system can work.

Participants will learn:

  • What is “Smart Home” technology and how can they assist people to live independently?
  • What is “remote support” and how is it used?
  • How to assemble the “pieces” and get started.
  • What are the various funding options in Maine?

This 60-minute free webinar will provide a demonstration of the Rest Assured system as well as provide time for questions and answers.


Kelley McTague, COTA/L, ATP – Kelley is currently the Program Manager for Assistive Technology Services at Goodwill Industries of Northern New England in Augusta, Me. She is a COTA/L and ATP certified. She worked as an Independent Living Specialist and Regional Manager for Maine’s Independent Living Center for 17 years, was an assessor for the AgrAbility Maine Project serving farmers with disabilities meet their Assistive Technology needs and currently sits on the AgrAbility Advisory Board. She was a Residential Program Manager for Goodwill for 3 years. She also co-chairs the State of Maine Brain Injury Advisory Council.

Dustin Wright, Executive Director – Rest Assured, LLC – Dustin began his career as a Direct Support Professional with a private provider in Indiana, while attending Purdue University. In his role as Executive Director, Mr. Wright works with residential providers, case managers, individuals with disabilities, seniors and families to tailor the Rest Assured patented web-based Telecare system to meet each individual’s needs. He oversees operations at the company’s state-of-the-art network virtual support and response center and is responsible for marketing, sales and development.


These are the handouts and resources for this webinar:


Graphic credit: Image licensed through Creative Commons by PixaBay