Smart Home Technology Gallery

Castel smart switch for lights
Castela smart wall switch
Automatic door opener
Automatic door opener
Fire Cube
Amazon Fire Cube with Ring door bell
smart door bells with camera
Various smart door bells with cameras
smart thermostats
Various smart thermostats
TP Kasa products switches and strip plugs
TP Kasa plugs and strips
adjustable bed frame
Beautyrest adjustable bed frame
smart blinds
Smart blinds with control
More smart blinds
Smart blinds
More smart locks
Various door entry systems
Phillips Hue lightbulbs
Phillips Hue lamps and hub
Smart bathroom fixtures
Smart home bathroom fixtures
Amazon Echo and Google Home "Smart Speakers"
Amazon Echo and Google Home
Smart door locks
Various smart home lock systems
Harmony hub
Amazon Fire Cube (l) and Harmony Hub (r)