Alexa is Everywhere

Amazon Echo ShowAmazon has announced the expansion of their Alexa Smart Properties to include healthcare facilities and senior living communities. Author Fred Pennic on HIT Consultant Net notes that the new services are designed specifically for the needs of senior living communities and healthcare facilities. “Alexa Smart Properties simplifies deploying and managing Alexa-enabled devices at scale, helping properties offer customized Alexa experiences for residents and patients, and increasing care team productivity and operational efficiency” says Pennic.

Amazon describes the new service as:

Alexa Smart Properties provides device fleet management to provide Alexa capabilities at scale. Residents can use Alexa to easily access information and communicate, helping them to lead more independent and socially engaged lives. At the same time, Alexa enables staff to focus on high-impact areas by creating greater efficiencies with resource-consuming activities such as, check-ins, announcements, and maintenance service requests. Alexa technology streamlines associates’ workflows and provides more quality time for resident care.

Pennic goes on to note:

With Alexa Smart Properties, hospital patients will be able to communicate with their care staff, control devices in their room, or stay informed and entertained with news and music, just by asking Alexa. Hospitals including Cedars-Sinai, BayCare, and Houston Methodist will add Alexa to select properties.

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