Smartphones, “wearables” and diabetes management

ZD Net has published an interesting article about recent advances in continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices that can be used with smartphones and wearable technology like the Apple Watch.

The article, Diabetes monitoring is having a smartwatch and smartphone revolution, notes the long standing problems (and expense) associated with blood glucose management in people with diabetes costing Americans $327 billion a year.

The article states:

Technology aimed at insulin-using diabetics became mainstream a few years back with the arrival of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices. These are small readers that sit on a diabetic’s body, taking their blood sugar levels constantly and relatively unobtrusively. This technology is transforming diabetes control for its users. By giving them a better view of what their blood glucose was doing, CGMs enabled insulin-dependent diabetics to take steps to keep readings in the right range.

One manufacturer of these devices Dexcom, is “… looking to exploit the potential of wearables and smartphones. Users can get their readings sent over Bluetooth Low Energy to hardware including iOS and Android phones and watches…” the article adds and ends with, “…the future of CGM is going to be tightly tied to the development of consumer tech like smartwatches or other wearables. ‘There’s a good possibility that you’re going to have even tighter integration than we have today with those types of products…'”

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