Web Accessibility Tip of the Month

Web Accessibility - Tip of the MonthOffered as a service from the WebAIM website, Maine CITE provides the following “tip” on how to make your website more accessible to all people.

Text Adaptations

No matter what text size, weight, font face, styling, and colors you choose, the user gets the last word! Users can change all of these attributes to fit their needs, and can also change letter, word, line, and paragraph spacing. To ensure that your message still gets through, be sure that your interface can adapt to changes like these. One common pitfall is when text containers are given a fixed height. As text within the container is changed, it may bleed out and overlap or obscure other page content. To avoid this, we recommend avoiding fixed, pixel heights.

For more information about web accessibility, please visit the WebAIM website.External link

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Updated: 08/03/2018