An Intro and Progression of Switch Access

Program Description

Recorded: February 7, 2023 – Switch access is the use of one or more switches to operate computers and other devices. They are primarily used by people with physical or cognitive disabilities. Switch access can open the door to communication, play, computer use, and many other areas of life. There are also many activities of daily living that can be performed using switches. Switches can increase independence or provide access to an activity for the first time.

Switch access should be considered for individuals of all ages who struggle to perform activities due to physical or cognitive disabilities. This webinar will provide an introduction to switch access, including:

  • Identifying the different types of switches
  • How to progress beyond cause and effect switch toys to other activities
  • Ideas for additional switch access activities.


Jessi Wright – Maine CITE Director – Jessi Wright is an assistive technology professional (ATP) overseeing Maine CITE, the state assistive technology program in Maine. She has worked in the disability field for over 15 years in various capacities around the country including residential programs, providing autism services, teaching in special education, university disability services, and working closely with vocational rehabilitation.


Resources discussed in webinar:
An Intro and Progression of Switch Access PowerPoint – PDF

Switch Access Resources

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