Empowering Independence: Occupational Therapy, Assistive Technology and Seating and Mobility Systems 

Date: May 20, 2024
Time: 1:00 – 2:00 pm ET 

Program Description

Kid on therapy swing with occupational therapist by his side

Would you like to gain a basic understanding of occupational therapy, assistive technology and seating and mobility systems? If so, this is the webinar for you! This presentation will provide a brief overview of occupational therapy, assistive technology and seating and mobility systems. Presenters will share a general overview of what occupational therapy is and where occupational therapists may work. We will also discuss the types of challenge areas occupational therapists may address to assist all in being able to live life to the fullest! This presentation will also include a general overview of assistive technology equipment and tools in the different areas of daily living. Assistive technology can be used across all daily activities, including in the areas of self-care, home management, education, employment, leisure and more! We also will share a general overview of what is available for seating and mobility systems, seating components, what a seating and mobility system assessment may involve as well as lower technology and higher technology mobility supports. 


Man in wheelchair holding dumbbells with occupational therapist by his side

1). Learn about what occupational therapy is, the types of challenges addressed by occupational therapists and the settings in which an occupational therapist may work to support an individual in living life to the fullest and enjoying meaningful activities. 

2). Learn about what assistive technology equipment and tools are available across the different daily activities we all participate in, such as self-care tasks, home management activities, educational and employment settings and the activities that we each enjoy doing. 

3). Learn about lower and higher technology seating and mobility systems, what may be looked at during a seating and mobility systems assessment as well as the various seating components involved in a wheelchair.


Alyssa MacDonald, MOT, OTR/L – Alyssa is an occupational therapist and the adult occupational therapy services team leader at Gallant Therapy Services. Alyssa also is the Program Administrator for the AT 4 Maine Demonstration and Loan Program at Gallant Therapy Services. She has worked as an occupational therapist in pediatrics in an outpatient clinic setting as well as providing adult occupational therapy services throughout the State of Maine. Alyssa has years of experience conducting assistive technology assessments, comprehensive occupational therapy evaluations and a variety of vocational rehabilitation evaluations and assessments. Alyssa is passionate about helping those in our community to live life to the fullest in whatever way that means for the individual! 

Ashley Jenkins, OTD, OTR/L – Ashley is an occupational therapist who provides pediatric services, feeding therapy, adult evaluations and assistive technology assessments at Gallant Therapy Services for community members in the State of Maine. Ashley has recently taken on the role of AT 4 Maine Closet Coordinator at the Augusta therapy clinic, where she assists with organizing, maintaining and coordinating loan equipment for free demonstrations and loans. Ashley completed her doctoral capstone project at the GTS Work Supports program, where she explored the role of occupational therapy in employment-based transition services for young adults with disabilities. Ashley is passionate about helping people across the lifespan to live fulfilling lives and engage in activities that are meaningful to them. 

Darren J. Smart, MOT, OTR/L – Darren is an occupational therapist and the program manager for Spurwink ALLTECH. He graduated from the University of Southern Maine occupational therapy program in 2015 before moving to Austin, Texas, where he worked in a variety of clinical settings, including skilled nursing facilities, home health, and in-patient rehab. He returned to Maine in 2022. Darren is committed to finding functional solutions for all clients and feels passionately about technology’s role as a tool to improve our quality of life.


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Resources discussed in webinar:
Empowering Independence: Occupational Therapy, Assistive Technology and Seating and Mobility Systems PowerPoint – PDF

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