Webinar: Accessibility Features – Google Chrome & Android OS

Program Description

This webinar is part of a series focused on the built-in accessibility features included with the major technology operating systems: Apple, Microsoft, and Google/Android.

logos for Google Chrome and Android OS

Recorded: August 31, 2021 – Accessibility features are meant to make the use of technology less challenging for those with disabilities. Common accessibility features include screen readers, text-to-speech, closed-captioning, voice control and keyboard shortcuts. Additional access features are designed to work with various assistive technologies including switch technologies.

In this third webinar of the series, we will review the access features found in the Google Chromebooks and Android OS devices.

Participants will learn:

  • How these features can assist users to control/activate the accessibility features of each device
  • How people can access content, navigate, and control their devices
  • Where to get more information and training.


Hillary Goldthwait-Fowles, PhD., ATP, is an accessibility accomplice providing assessment, training, support, and consultation to individuals and organizations around AT, AEM, and UDL. She is an Assistive Technology Specialist for RSU 21 in Kennebunk, Maine where she is grateful to “be paid to think differently” and supports inclusive learning practices. She is also an adjunct faculty member for the University Of New England’s graduate certification programs in inclusion, as well as the University of Maine at Farmington’s graduate programs in Inclusion.


Rev: 09/01/2021